Deerleap car park

Deerleap car park is a popular destination for hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts located in the heart of the New Forest National Park. The car park is situated on the A31 and provides easy access to a wide range of scenic trails, picturesque landscapes, and historical sites that are abundant in the area.

If you’re looking for a place to start your New Forest adventure, Deerleap car park is the perfect destination. Here, you’ll find ample parking space, convenient facilities, and access to some of the best hiking and cycling trails in the park. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, there’s something for everyone at Deerleap.

Hiking Trails

Deerleap car park provides access to some of the most popular hiking trails in the New Forest. The 3-mile circular walk through Eyeworth Wood is an easy hike that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The 4.5-mile Castleman Trailway is another popular option that takes you through beautiful woodlands, past historic railway bridges and stations, and provides great opportunities for bird watching.

Cycling Routes

For cycling enthusiasts, Deerleap car park is an excellent starting point for exploring the New Forest on two wheels. The 23-mile Burley to Brockenhurst cycle route offers stunning views of the heathland, woodlands, and grasslands of the New Forest. The 10-mile New Forest Family Cycling Trail is a great option for families with young children and provides a fun and educational way to explore the park.


Deerleap car park offers a wide range of facilities to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. There are toilet facilities available, as well as a small refreshment kiosk where you can purchase hot and cold drinks, snacks, and ice cream. The car park is also equipped with picnic tables, benches, and ample space for parking, making it an ideal spot to take a break and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Wildlife Watching

The New Forest is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including ponies, deer, and a wide range of bird species. At Deerleap car park, you can often spot a variety of bird species, such as the green woodpecker, the nuthatch, and the treecreeper. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of one of the New Forest’s resident deer.

Historical Sites

The New Forest is steeped in history and Deerleap car park is an ideal starting point for exploring some of the park’s most famous historical sites. The nearby Rufus Stone marks the spot where King William II was killed in a hunting accident in 1100 AD. The remains of the 12th century Castle Malwood can be found just a short walk from the car park.

Deerleap Car Park: Your Gateway to the Heart of New Forest

If you’re looking to explore the beauty of the New Forest National Park, then Deerleap Car Park is the perfect place to start your journey. With its excellent location and convenient facilities, it is an ideal spot to park your car and start exploring this stunning landscape.

Location and Facilities

Located just off the A31 near Cadnam, Deerleap Car Park is situated in the heart of the New Forest. It’s conveniently located for easy access to the park’s many attractions and is a popular starting point for walkers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts. There is ample parking space available at the car park, and the facilities are excellent, with toilets, picnic tables, and a small shop selling snacks and drinks.

Things to Do

The New Forest National Park is a beautiful area with a rich variety of wildlife and landscapes. From Deerleap Car Park, you can easily access many of the park’s attractions, including:

Walking: The New Forest is a walker’s paradise, with miles of beautiful woodland, heathland, and coastline to explore. There are several well-marked walking trails that start from Deerleap Car Park, including the popular Tall Trees Trail, which takes you through ancient woodland to see some of the tallest trees in the New Forest.

Cycling: The park has many cycle paths, including the off-road Burley to Brockenhurst route, which passes through Deerleap Car Park. The park’s terrain is relatively flat, making it ideal for leisurely cycling trips with family and friends.

Wildlife watching: The New Forest is home to a vast array of wildlife, including deer, ponies, and a variety of bird species. From Deerleap Car Park, you can take a walk or cycle through the park’s many trails and enjoy some of the best wildlife watching opportunities in the UK.

Picnicking: The car park has several picnic tables, making it an ideal spot for a family picnic on a sunny day. You can bring your own food or grab some snacks from the on-site shop.

Photography: The New Forest is a photographer’s dream, with a wide range of landscapes and wildlife to capture. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, there are plenty of opportunities to take some stunning photos from Deerleap Car Park.

Deerleap Car Park is an excellent starting point for exploring the New Forest National Park. With its convenient location, ample parking space, and excellent facilities, it’s an ideal spot to park your car and start your adventure. Whether you’re interested in walking, cycling, wildlife watching, picnicking, or photography, there’s something for everyone in the New Forest. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and head to Deerleap Car Park for an unforgettable experience in the heart of this beautiful park.

In conclusion

Deerleap car park is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to explore the best of the New Forest. With its convenient location, ample parking, and easy access to hiking and cycling trails, it’s the perfect starting point for a day of adventure in the great outdoors. So, pack your bags, grab your hiking boots or bike, and head on over to Deerleap car park to discover the beauty and magic of the New Forest.